Friday, August 10, 2012

The 2012 End of the World Reading Challenge

It has been over a year since I took part in a reading challenge. Last summer, while volunteering in Botswana, I started the POC Reading Challenge. It was fitting and I loved it. My goal was Level 3: 7-9 books, but I only ended up making it to 6 before I headed back to Canada, reverse culture shock, and my last year of my undergraduate degree (a.k.a. I just couldn't make the time to read for fun). I am currently thisclose to having my final academic paper handed in which means I can FINALLY read something that is not for research purposes. I spent a little time looking around on the www (world wide web) and came across The Insatiable Booksluts' 2012 End of the World Reading Challenge. The challenge started in January of 2012 which means I am extremely late coming to the table, but I don't really care. The winner is the person who reads the highest number of pages by December 31, 2012. We also have to post reviews of substantially more intellect than simply "I really like it." Needless to say, with only 4.5 months left of 2012, I don't stand a chance of reading the highest number of pages, but I love the name of the blog and I love the graphics so here goes!

Like I said, I haven't read anything other than research material since September of 2011. In the last month or so, however, I've managed to read a few. I have to credit that to a couple things: 1. I recently bought a Kindle; and 2. I recently moved to the country where I have no television and no internet access. The three books I've read are all ebooks. The challenge has special rules for ebooks; basically, you use the paper book version page count and if that doesn't exist, you use the page count that a website like Amazon gives for the book and if that doesn't exist, Booksluts gives you a converting tool to use.

Anyway I have to review:
The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women: Get Off Your Butt and On with Your Training by Dawn Dais, 226 pages (says
Blue Sky Days by Marie Landry - You can visit her at Ramblings of a Daydreamer, 223 pages (
The Somali Doctrine by James Grenton, 346 pages (

By the time I get around to reviewing those, I'll likely be done reading On Making Off by Ryan Anderson, 306 pages (yep,

So that is a total of 1,101 pages! Not too bad! Reviews coming soon :)

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